Past Programs

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"The Masonic ‘Miracle’ – The Story of Wilkerson College and Wilkerson College Lodge No. 760"
Dan Weatherington, PM, PDDGM, Dean Emeritus

"A Man, a College, a Lodge - all dedicated to future Masonic leaders"
Walter Klein from "Treasures of North Carolina Masonry"

April 14, 2012: Dwight M. Sigmon, Junior Grand Steward - "Pioneers of our Early Ritual"
Catawba Lodge No. 248, Newton, NC

April 9, 2011: Dwight M. Sigmon, Grand Lecturer - "The Convention that Changed Freemasonry"
Cliffside Lodge No. 460, Cliffside, NC

August 8, 2009: Clayton Wright, PM, PDDGL – “Symbolism in Freemasonry”
Whetstone Lodge No. 515, Bessemer City, NC

June 13, 2009: Dwight M. Sigmon, PM – “The Purpose and Work of the Board of Custodians”
Bladen Lodge No. 646, Elizabethtown, NC

February 21, 2009: Rick Smith, PM, PDDGM – “The Landmarks of Freemasonry”
Mt. Hebron Lodge No. 42 PHA, Wilson, NC

June 14, 2008: Thomas W. Gregory, PGM – “The Father of Prince Hall Masonry”
Statesville Lodge No. 27, Statesville, NC

December 8, 2007: P. Shaun Bradshaw, PM, PDDGM – “The History of the Cryptic Degrees in North Carolina”
Greensboro Masonic Temple, Greensboro, NC

October 6, 2007: Thomas W. Gregory, PGM – “The Templar Fleet”
Franklin Lodge No. 109, Beaufort, NC

August 11, 2007: Walter J. Klein – “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother Zeb”
Pilot Lodge No. 493, Pilot Mountain, NC

June 9, 2007: Charles Cathey, PGM – “God’s Use of Masonry”
Biltmore Lodge No. 446, Asheville, NC

April 14, 2007: Brent Morris, Ph.D. – “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry”
Raleigh Lodge No. 500 and Hiram Lodge No. 40, Raleigh, NC

February 10, 2007: Michael Daniels, PM – “Spearshaker”
East Gate Lodge No. 692, Charlotte, NC

October 14, 2006: William L. Dill, SGD – “The Story of St. Johns Lodge No. 3”
St. Johns’ Lodge No. 3, New Bern, NC

August 12, 2006: Chris Richardson, PM - "The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford"
Orphans Lodge No. 761, Oxford, NC

June 10, 2006: Robert Elsner, Ph.D. – “International Freemasonry”
Phoenix Lodge No. 8, Fayetteville, NC

February 11, 2006: Akram R. Elias, PGM (via DVD) – “Unveiling the Masonic Symbolism of Washington, DC”
Greensboro Masonic Temple, Greensboro, NC

June 11, 2005: Dr. Michael Brantley, PM, GH – “The Statue of Liberty”
Snow Lodge No. 363, Boone, NC

October 9, 2004: Dick Pierce – “American Heroes”
Greensboro Masonic Temple, Greensboro, NC

June 12, 2004: Tofique Fatehi – “Freemasonry in India”
Statesville Lodge No. 27, Statesville, NC

April 10, 2004: Dr. James Earl Vann - "America: A Nation of Heroes"
Hiram Lodge No. 98, Clinton, NC

February 14, 2004: Dan Weatherington, PM, PDDGM – “Masonic Secrets…What are They?”
Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 117, Wilson, NC

August 2, 2003: Charles V. Rouse, Jr., PM – “NC Masonic Youth Groups”
Andrew Jackson Lodge No. 576, Salisbury, NC

April 5, 2003: Thomas W. Gregory, PM, PGM “Peter Stuart Ney – Freemason, Marshall of Napoleon?”
Statesville Lodge No. 27, Statesville, NC

October 5, 2002: Maj. Gen. H. Lloyd Wilkerson, USMC ret. – “The History of Military Lodges in Freemasonry”
Blackmer Lodge No. 127, Mount Gilead, NC

September 7, 2002: William L. Mills, PDGM – “The Power to Destroy-A call to Restore the Masonic Model for Social Welfare”
Millbrook Lodge No. 97, Raleigh, NC [text]